What We’re Drinking This Thanksgiving

What We’re Drinking This Thanksgiving

There are PLENTY of suggestions out there on what to pair- but what are the experts actually drinking themselves? We’re not saying we’d drink all of these in one sitting, but here’s our personal wish list for the Big Dinner…  Truthfully, there is no perfect pairing for Thanksgiving dinner- with such a variety of dishes and preferences the very best strategy is to drink what you like!  That being said, here are our top picks for the big day- the ones would most enjoy on our own tables.

Domaine Drouhin Beaujolais Nouveau 2015: No Thanksgiving celebration should be without this celebration of the latest wine vintage! Light and fruity, and not to be taken too seriously. Its like talking to a newborn baby- You know they won’t have much to say, but it’s the act of saying “hello” for the first time that makes it meaningful.  Beaujolais is light and fruity, making it a good choice if you’re sharing it with family members who are just occasional wine drinkers.

Jim Clendenen Wines: The legendary Jim Clendenen is part of the “In Pursuit of Balance“ affiliation. As such, his wines have a relatively low ABV, crisp acidity, and are very food-friendly. These wines are somewhat rare (and rarely for sale in the region), and they have really captured our attention.  For white we have his Aligote (think Chardonnay that isn’t so full of itself) and Tokai Friulano, a unique wine that could perhaps be describes as dry Riesling meets Pinot Gris. His “The Pip” Pinot Noir is also a standout on our shelves.

Satek Whisper: A blend of varietals from our favorite Indiana winery, this off-dry blend that’s perfect for Thanksgiving- Sweetness makes it a flexible food pairing. Since it’s made here in IN, so it’s a fitting celebration of the harvest season and all foods local.

Buon Cristiani Rose, Napa Valley.  Only 250 cases of this Syrah/Malbec rose were made. It’s rose for red wine drinkers- dry, and relatively spicy and robust compared to others. Excellent pairing for a mash-up of dishes (but particularly ham), and it can take on the characteristics of a white or a red as needed.

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles: Not just for toasting the new year, sparkling wines are incredibly versatile- and who doesn’t love them? We have lots to choose from this time of year, with prices ranging from $10-$300.

Love Buzz Saison: If you have to pick just one beer, saisons are the very best to pair with food. This special edition from Anchorage Brewing is brewed with brettanomyces. In winemaking, it’s a bad thing- but in beers it adds an extra mysterious layer of complexity.

Pumpkin beer: They’re fun, delicious, and right now they’re 20% off while supplies last!



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