Craft Brew Week! Cheese Pairings with 4Fathers Brewing

It’s the last day of Craft Beer Week, and OWM is partnering up with Valpo’s newest brewery, 4 Fathers, for some beer and cheese pairings tonight. Stop by their tasting room to check out their fantastic beers and enjoy some of our delicious cheeses while you’re at it. For those of you checking in from the tasting room for our tasting notes, here you go:

cheese flight with numbers

1: Cocoa Cardona (paired with Why Buy the Cow Coffee Milk Stout). Cocoa Cardona is a cocoa-rubbed goat’s cheese from Wisconscin.  Coffee and chocolate are a classic pairing, and the bright sweetness of the Milk Stout’s lactose sugar is echoed in the fransh tang of the goat cheese.

2: Chipotle Cheddar (paired with #15 White IPA with Passion Fruit). Smoky and somewhat fruity chipotle adds a fiery contrast to the cooling passion fruit elements. The mild tang of this particular cheddar is just assertive enough to stand up to the bitter side of this IPA.

3: Manchego (paired with Tallulah B).  Tallulah B is a “brett bomb,” filled with savory complexity from the wild yeasts used. Likewise, this 12 month Manchego is made from sheep’s milk which gives it a similar savoriness and a bit of barnyard.

4: Cambozola (paired with Heavy Hitter Belgian Stout). Cambozola is a triple crème blue that’s a cross between Camembert and Gorgonzola. Stout and blue cheese is a classic beer and cheese pairing: dark and rich meets salty and stinky. Belgian yeasts give this traditionally English beer style a luscious depth. In the same spirit, the rich creaminess of the brie adds a whole extra dimension to the blue.

5: Smoked Maple Cheddar (paired with Imperial Abolition Robust Cherry Porter). A fantastic white Vermont Cheddar that’s been smoked over maple.  Smoke and cherries…they just go well together!

6: 10 Year Aged Cheddar (paired with Stunned Mullet SMaSH).  A SMaSH beer (Single Malt and Single Hop) needs a cheese that’s also proud to shine in its austerity! This Wisconscin cheddar has been aged for 10 years, and it’s fruity yet sharp flavor is a great pairing with Galaxy hops, which are used for bittering as well tropical aromas and flavors.


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