Beer & Cheese Pairings with Four Fathers: Take 2

We’re back for a second weekend of beer and cheese pairings with our good friends at Four Fathers Brewing! Here’s what’s on tap this weekend, along with cheeses and tasting notes:

1: Why Buy the Cow (Coffee Milk Stout), paired with Cocoa Cardona (goat’s milk cheese with cocoa rind)
Coffee and chocolate, plus the bright lactose of the mmilk stout, are echoed in the fresh tang of goat cheese.

2: Neptune (German-style Hefeweizen), paired with Empriente Semi-Soft Goat Cheese
Wheat beers are very food-friendly, but here we let the cheese support the beer. Both are soft, fruity, and delicately flavored.

3: White Buy the Cow (White Coffee Stout), paired with Gruyere (Alpine French cow’s milk)
Mild but a little nutty, Gruyere has a depth to it that belies its mild appearance-much like this beer!

4: Heavy Hitter (Belgian Stout), paired with Cambozola
Cambozola is a triple crème blue that’s a cross between Camembert and Gorgonzola. Stout and blue cheese is a classic beer and cheese pairing: dark and rich meets salty and stinky. Belgian yeasts give this traditionally English beer style a luscious depth. In the same spirit, the rich creaminess of the brie adds a whole extra dimension to the blue.

5: British Ugly (English Dark Mild), paired with Red Leicester
Mild English beer calls for a mild English cheddar. Low bitterness pairs well with this less-sharp cheddar. However, that grainy cheddar quality goes great with the particular dark malt profile of this beer.

6: Father’s Beer (Belgian Pale Ale), paired with Big Ed’s Gouda
This Wisconsin take on a Dutch classic lines up well with a Belgian Pale Ale- a style that puts and American twist on another Dutch classic. A little sharper than some goudas, it stands up to the hop’s assertiveness.

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